Want to quadruple your Google Ads leads… without spending a penny more on clicks?

Every Monday I ask all of my account managers for the stats on every single one of our clients.

I don’t need to, my account managers are more than capable of ensuring their particular clients are getting the care, attention and results they are paying us for.

So why do I do it?

Well, I don’t think it can do any harm for my team to know that I could be thinking of one of their clients this evening and fire a question across the office at them tomorrow, fully expecting them to know the answer.

That client might have been with us 7 years, or 7 days, they know I’m pretty relentless with my on-the-spot client questions… and I like that they know that. Everyone’s sharp and on the ball.

I truly believe it has played a big part in my account managers caring as much as they do, not through fear of being ‘caught out’ but because it’s part of our fabric, it’s what makes Pixal, well.. Pixal.

So today was no different, I was updated on every one of our clients and one particular client’s results caught my attention.

They have only just joined us as a client, so I was fully expecting an update on where we were on our ‘learning phase’ optimisations. I got that, along with an update on their landing page conversion stats, and that’s the bit that I wanted to cover in this article.

You see, because this client is so new, it was fresh in my mind that they did not have a ‘Google Ads ready’ website when they came to us.

So much so, they asked us to get involved in creating a set of landing pages for them.

They are a service based business, working in three major cities, so the pages were created to point out how easy this company were to work with, how they were extremely credible and trustworthy and also how ‘local’ they were to the prospect.

Put all that together, with plenty of calls to action and multiple, easy ways to get in touch, it should be a winning formula.

Well today, the results of the first weeks activity were in.

Here’s the Case Study;

When the client approached us, they had a horrible website and it was not fit for purpose.

From looking at their analytics, even in their best ever weeks, they never had over 4% as a conversion rate.

The stats that I received today, showed a conversion rate of just over 22%!

Just to think about that for a second, if that client had proceeded to run their Google Ads with their previous website, for every 40 enquiries, we could achieve, they would have had less than 10…

That’s the same click spend, the same cost per click, the same ad copy, the same everything… other than the page we direct the traffic to.

An extra 30 leads into this clients business is a big deal, but the numbers become even more significant, the more you scale.

So if the old website had 40 leads, the new landing page would have had over 160! Now we’re talking! That’s how critical it is to ensure you’re sending traffic to a high quality page.

So what did this landing page have?

It had clear calls to action, ‘local’ telephone numbers and easy to use forms to make the enquiry as easy as possible to make.

It oozed credibility and authority in the content, along with a sprinkling of ‘social proof’ via some very complimentary testimonials.

Importantly, every conversion point was trackable. We put in place Dynamic Call Tracking so we knew the exact keywords that achieved telephone calls and we tracked all form completes.

Now, this account is fresh off the blocks, I’d be foolish to believe we are going to see 22% conversion rates week in, week out but we do now have a steady flow of conversion data hitting our account, which will feed our optimisations.

So it won’t take long before this client is spending ALL their click budget ONLY on the keyword ‘proven’ to convert and that’s when things get really exciting.

So, are you 100% confident that your Google Ads is performing as profitably as is possible for it to perform?

How do your landing pages look? Are you tracking every conversion and optimising your account based upon that conversion data? If so, get ready for a stellar second half of the year! CPC’s are still low, so now is your time to capitalise.

If you don’t think you’re squeezing every single penny of profit out of your Ad spend, it’s worth revisiting my past articles. All are on the subject of you increasing your Ad spend ROI. Not necessarily spending more, just spending what you do have, more effectively.

Alternatively just reach out via my details below and I will carry out a full Google Ad Performance Review of your account for you, for free. Now there’s no excuse

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