The Google Ads Changes To Consider Post-COVID

With lockdown behind us and confidence returning, we are all raring to go again in a quest to make the second half of this year especially good!

For you, that might mean cranking your Google Ads up to capitalise on all the new customers out there, searching for your products or services.

Whilst we are all wanting to return to ‘normal’ again, we do need to bear in mind that our customers may not yet be thinking the same way. They may still have concerns and it makes sense for you to address them, to win their business.

This means using your Ads to reassure your potential customers that they can (1) still buy from you and (2) remain ‘safe’ in doing so.

So, what might you want to reassure your customers about?

Maybe you have a business where your customers come to your premises? If so, you could explain that you’re ready for their arrival and that staff have all the necessary protective wear to keep everyone safe.

Maybe your business is currently operating on an ‘appointment only’ basis?

If you or your team visit the premises of your customers, then you could make reference to your new way of working at a distance while there?

If you are an estate agent, maybe you are continuing the option of ‘virtual tours’ to those that request them, so your prospect can see the property from the comfort of their own home?

If you’re in a business where you would normally meet and greet customers, then you will know the measures your business has had to put in place. Just have a think about what your customers might like to know before interacting with you again.

Even for ‘hands-off’ businesses, such as ecommerce, you might want to talk about delivery times being ‘back to normal’ or the fact your items are picked and packed by fully protected staff?

I’m not saying you harp on about these being ‘unprecedented times’ that we’ve all heard a million times! Far from it, the sooner we all start interacting and living as we were, the better.

What I am saying is, your customers may well need some reassurance.

If your customer is in a high risk category or may have lost loved ones over these past few months, you can sensitively let them know it’s ‘business as usual’ with a mention of the things you’re doing to make their experience a good and safe one.

So how do you get these messages out?

Well, you have your main Ad copy itself, where there are more than enough characters available to put in anything you feel necessary.

You also have your Ad Extensions, where you can have bullet points within your Ads, or links to inner pages that might help inform your potential customer of how and why it’s safe to do business with you.

You may also want to run some ‘freedom’ vouchers – where people can feel good about what it means to be able to do business with you again, and to save money in the process!

One big area that I’ve not covered yet is your remarketing banners. Tapping into your remarketing audience will give you mass exposure and visibility to those people who have been to your website over a set period of time.

You can change the messaging depending on the length of time it has been since those people last visited your site too.

This is a great way to get your updated message out to those who haven’t yet searched for you and seen a normal text Ad.

These remarketing banners can almost serve as the digital version of a big billboard that all your customers and potential customers see as they go about their day.

Now is the perfect time to ramp up your remarketing spend, so make sure you have a sound strategy to capitalise on this opportunity and catch your competitors snoozing.

It’s all about customer confidence at this time, so make sure your Google campaigns represent your business in the best light and win more customers as a result.

Here’s to your success and making this year, your best ever!

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