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Ryan Holland
Senior Account Manager

About Us

Formed 11 years ago by Steve Perry, who was responsible for managing multi-million pound PPC accounts at a big-name agency for clients like Panasonic, AIG and the National Trust. Steve created Pixal with the simple vision of providing SMEs and smaller advertisers the same expertise and service the big advertisers get for a fee they can afford. All these years later, we stay true to this vision.

As an agency, we have remained 100% focused on PPC advertising. This enables us to put all our resources into staying on top of this ever-changing space and giving the best possible service and advice.

In a crowded market, you have many options to manage your Google, Bing and Meta PPC advertising – many generalist agencies offer it, and it is accessible enough to try it yourself – enter your credit card details and give it a bash! You can even sign up for software that will automate and do it for you. Our account reviews still show 9/10 of the accounts we review are wasting money and/or leads.

The Pixal Promises

  • To spend our client’s money like it is our own
  • To stay ahead of industry changes so our clients don’t have to
  • To be transparent about our activity and results through detailed regular reporting
  • To focus on our client’s growth and our growth will look after itself
  • To under complicate and over-deliver