Device Optimisation in Google Ads

If you want to use Google Ads to drive more enquiries, sales and profit into your business, then you must capitalise upon the optimisation opportunities within your account.

Most business owners running Google Ads curl up in a ball and start sweating profusely when you mention the word ‘optimisation’ to them! They know they should be doing it, but they don’t know where to start.

If your account already has the correct attributes such as tracking, well researched keywords and structure then, it is at this point you can start gaining significant ground over your competitors.

Everything in Google Ads can be optimised.

Device optimisation is important because the experience for the user can often differ quite wildly, depending on the device they are using. This ‘experience’ good or bad, will have an impact on your ROI.

For example, one device might have a lot of clicks but receive very few conversions. Another device might perform much better in terms of conversion rate, but the poorer performing device is getting so many clicks, it uses up all the daily budget before the better device receives its fair share.

Let’s put some numbers to this scenario. Let’s say mobile traffic has had lots of clicks but a Cost Per Conversion of £34. Computer traffic on the other hand has had far fewer clicks but a Cost Per Conversion of just £11.

Now, as long as the number of conversions achieved in our date range is high enough to warrant making this optimisation, we could duplicate this campaign, set one campaign to target Computers and another to target Mobiles.

If computers alone have the ability to spend the same daily budget you had previously set, you will now be able to achieve three enquiries for every one you get on your other campaign.

Same spend, three times the enquiries!

I recently carried out a Performance Review for a gentleman who was paying a company to manage his Google Ads account for him. He was shocked to find, not only had they not been optimising his account, they hadn’t made a single tweak in months!

Don’t find yourself in his position. Done correctly these optimisations have the potential to produce huge wins and provide valuable insight.

Now, the fact your mobile traffic is not converting as well as it could be would signal this needs looking into. Your website may not look right when viewed on a mobile or your contact forms may be cumbersome on a smaller screen. This is something to investigate.

Google break devices down by Computers, Mobile and Tablets. So, the same above logic would apply whichever device stood out as one to give more budget to, or one to restrict or investigate.

It won’t be feasible or necessary to split every campaign out to target three separate devices. Let’s say you have a £20 per day budget, suddenly an account that had four campaigns now has twelve campaigns and it would spread your budget way too thin. It just doesn’t make sense.

A good way to avoid making multiple versions of each campaign is to use ‘Bid Adjustments’ on each device (within the same campaign).

This means if your Tablet traffic has a great Cost Per Lead, you can increase the Bid Adjustment to get more traffic from this device.

If your Computer Cost Per Lead was slightly higher than you wanted it to be, you can have a minus Bid Adjustment to lower your click spend on this device and help bring it in line. You would tweak Mobile in the same way.

Can you see how powerful this is? Just by being aware of the performance of each device, we can now make tweaks to ensure our click budget goes much further and achieves far greater returns.

Why not head over to your Google Ads account now and see if you can triple your lead volume for the same level of click spend?

To find your device data, simply select the campaign you want to look into, then click Devices in the sub menu.

Not only will your device data allow you to make important optimisations in budget allocation, it will highlight areas that need attention outside of Google Ads as well.

This is because the same ‘friction’ will almost certainly be prevalent through all other sources of traffic, if the same web pages are being used.

Once you fix that issue, you have now fixed it across all your organic traffic, direct traffic and referral traffic. That’s a BIG win!

If you would like an independent, expert set of eyes cast over your account to identify any untapped potential (whether you manage it yourself or not), be sure to make use of my free Performance Review.

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