Seasonal Optimisations with Google Ads

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is within touching distance!

Whilst your main focus for this time of year might be picking out that perfect present for a loved one or jazzing up your house up in Christmas decorations, there may be one thing that isn’t getting the attention it deserves…

The festive period on Google Ads provides so many opportunities for you as an advertiser. So, ignore buying your Christmas Turkey for a wee while longer and start giving your Google Ads a little pro-active TLC.

Done right, this will hopefully mean a very happy Christmas for you and your Google Ads Account!

You may be thinking about how to best take advantage of the festive period? Well, here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

First up is the Ad copy. This is one of the simplest ways to get your festive message out there, even if don’t have any special offers or promotions… You may just want to put a seasonal twist to the benefits of purchasing your product or service?

One of the most obvious examples of this (which I’m sure we have all seen) is gyms. Come the festive period, you can guarantee gyms up and down the country will be pushing messages within their advertising such as “New Year, New You” and the like.

People are using the turn of the year to improve things for themselves the following year. If your product or service can improve your prospect’s situation or make them feel better about themselves, then start there.

Whatever product or service you offer, there will be an angle that can work for you. It might take a little imagination but soon enough your will have a seasonal twist to test in your Ad copy.

Of course, if you are running Christmas or New Year specific offers, then all the better. Make sure to shout about them within your ad copy. It should lead to a nice little boost to your Click-through and Conversion rates!

In addition to the messaging, you could also use “countdowns” in your ads. They allow you to dynamically countdown the time until an offer ends.

For example, your ads could say ‘Hurry, Sale Ends In 8 Hours’ and this will update based upon the time the user is searching. This is a really powerful method of increasing urgency within your ads.

If you want to further enhance your ads, then look no further than Ad Extensions.

In a similar vein to the main messaging, Ad Extensions allow the perfect opportunity to shout about any offers you may be looking to promote. This can be particularly effective when using any, or all, of the following;

Sitelink Extensions – Here you can have multiple links underneath your main Ad, linking directly to different pages or offers.

Callout Extensions – List the benefits of your offer(s)/product/service in bullet point format.

Price extensions – Show your awesome seasonal pricing within the Ad itself.

Promotion Extensions – Highlight special offers which can be categorised by ‘monetary discount’ ‘percent discount’ ‘(Up to) monetary discount’ and ‘(Up to) percent discount’.

Hopefully, that gives you a few nuggets of inspiration to help get your Ads in the festive spirit?

By the way, it’s not only your text Ads you should be focusing on. Let’s have a little look into remarketing too…

We have all been there, in the months leading up to Christmas we might be a little more sensible with our spending, holding out for the Christmas and New Year offers.

This is where your remarketing banners can provide the timely reminder of the great deal/offer/benefit the prospect will receive when they buy from you.

Using Google Analytics, you can create a variety of audiences based upon a range of different criteria.

For example, this could range from anyone who has completed a conversion on your website in the past 5 days, to anyone who has simply visited your website in the past year! The latter hugely increases visibility.

Alongside testing out new audiences, it may also be worth freshening up your banner Ads with a simple Christmassy/New Year message or image, just to stay current.

Many people view the Christmas period on Google Ads as the time of the year to wind down spend and start the New Year afresh.

In reality, it’s the perfect opportunity to make one final push for customers and hopefully start the New Year in an even stronger position!

Finally, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year!

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