Remarketing on Google Ads

Today, I want to give you some food for thought as to how you implement your remarketing campaigns.


Remarketing on Google Ads essentially allows you to follow your previous website visitors with great looking, branded banner Ads as they move around the internet browsing other websites.

This is done via Google’s ‘Display Network’ which comprises millions of websites – all happy to let Google’s banner Ads show on their sites… for a small share of the click revenues.

It is because of this ‘traffic monetisation’ that you see high-traffic, household name websites showing Google banners. Your branded banner Ads could be seen at the side of eBay one minute, then the homepage of The Times online the next.

This will often create ‘credibility by association’ and could make all the difference if a potential customer has visited your website and a few other competitors, especially if it is your company they have seen ‘everywhere’ ever since!

Remarketing can be setup in many different ways, making your Ads highly targeted and relevant to your audience.

You can remarket to previous visitors based on the time they have spent on your website, by the pages they have visited (or not visited), by the number of pages they visited, by where they are located, by their gender or even their age range!

Now that gives you a lot of options to tailor great remarketing Ads, but be aware that Google will need a minimum of 100 active visitors in a 30 day period, to show Ads to an audience you create.

So, if you want to run remarketing to an audience that visited a certain page on your website, you will need 100 people to have visited that page within the past 30 days.

To make use of these audience filters, you will want to create your remarketing list via Google Analytics first.

To do this, just go to the ‘Admin’ section of your Google Analytics, then to ‘Audience Definitions’ then ‘Audiences’. It is here that you can create your various audiences and pull them through into Google Ads.

A few things to remember. Google set the standard remarketing window as 30 days, it can be lower but it can also go right up to 540 days!

Have a think about the time between interest and purchase for your customers. Would they have made their purchase decision within a week or do you have an audience that would benefit from longer term, strategic messaging at different points of their buyer journey?

I spoke with a bespoke building materials supplier recently who would definitely be in the second category. His audience will often get in touch with him in the planning phase, long before any building work has started.

We are now putting a remarketing strategy together for him that keeps his company ‘top of mind’ every step of the way.

If you are worried about annoying your previous visitors with your Ads don’t be, you can turn ‘viewable impressions’ i.e. the amount of times a visitor will see your Ads per day, up or down in your Campaign’s ‘Ad Delivery’ settings.

Another great way to remarket is via ‘Dynamic Remarketing’. This is particularly good for e-commerce websites and allows you to show the actual product the visitor was looking at in the remarketing Ad, which is really powerful and could potentially be an article in itself!

Now, when you run remarketing, you will want to avoid the Google banner creator. They just make your banners look cheap and nasty.

For day-to-day graphical banners, get them professionally designed. You will want them in a variation of sizes to match the inventory out there on the Display Network.

Not all sites house square banners, some only have space for horizonal or vertical banners, so if you don’t have banners in these sizes you will miss out on visibility!

Have a think about your business and how your ideal remarketing strategy might look. If you want me to look over your remarketing campaigns or discuss strategy with you I can, just make sure it’s something you get in place, properly.

There really are so many positives to remarketing, it’s great for brand visibility and exposure and the Cost Per Click for remarketing is typically much cheaper than ‘Search Network’ clicks.

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