Local Service Ads – Only Pay For Leads

Do you ONLY want to be charged for leads on Google? Yes? I thought you might of!

Well, that’s where Google’s Local Service Ads come in!

Local Service Ads is Google’s latest search offer introduced specifically for industries such as plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc. offering a local service. Hence the name!

When somebody enters a local search query, the Local Search Ads will appear right above the traditional paid search ads. These ads show local trusted professionals and display their business number, hours, ratings, and reviews.

If you match the job and serve that area, you’ll be matched to the person searching and they’ll be able to see your qualifications, ratings and reviews before calling you.

If you don’t match the searcher’s requirements, then Google will save you the costs and connect them to a more appropriate local search ad. How good is that!

So, what’s so good about Local Search Ads?

Google’s Local Search Ads can be displayed on desktop, tablet, mobile and voice search queries. The Google Assistant will even enquire about the searcher’s job type and location to ensure a good match. With 20% of all searches now coming from voice search, that’s definitely something you want to be included in!

The other big advantage of Local Service Ads is that you only pay per lead, not per click! They also take this one step further, with you only be charged for valid leads. So if you receive a lead that is spam or a poor match, you won’t get charged.

Local Service Ads are also placed above the Paid Search ads and the organic listings. So even if they don’t convert via local search ads, their position at the top of the search engine results and the user reviews displayed may change how people convert later on.

Your listing can also be endorsed by Google with their ‘Google Guaranteed’. This is available for businesses that pass a Google screening and verification process.

So how do you set up Local Service Ads?

To get started, you will need first need to check that your business is eligible, as Local Service Ads are only available for certain services. They’re managed separately from the ads you run in Google Ads, so you’ll need to create a new Local Service Ads account. But they can be linked to your Google Ads account, so you don’t have to add your billing details again.

You’ll then need to choose what kind of jobs you would like to receive leads for that will be relevant for you. You can add highlights to your profile, to distinguish yourself from others in your industry, such as special offers and discounts available.

Once you’ve added your license and insurance details, and completed a background check, you’re good to go!

An existing client is a prime example of how an account has continued to flourish since we set up Local Service Ads.

He had his own plumbing company and was happy with the lead level but after a Zoom meeting where we discussed the potential they were intrigued to see how many more leads could be generated.

Before we introduced the Local Service Ads to their account, they were generating around 35 conversions per month through contact forms and phone calls, at a cost per conversion of £17.81.

In October 2022, we implemented the Local Service Ads and after a few months, their conversions increased to 62 per month with a cost per conversion of just £10.24. Just by implementing this new strategy we almost double the number of leads, which has led to a very happy client!

So if you’re a local business wanting to gain more leads this year, why not give Local Service Ads a go!

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