Call Only Ads within Google Ads

Do you have a business where you tend to have a conversation with your prospects before they buy?

If so, have you tested ‘Call Only’ Ads within your Google Ads account?

In case you are unsure, Call Only Ads run on mobile only and when the person searching clicks on your Ad, it calls your number, directly from their mobile.

This makes it nice and easy for someone on-the-go to dial you direct, bypassing your website entirely.

This means you don’t have to worry about landing pages for this particular Campaign and the visitor doesn’t have to navigate around a website on their mobile trying to find a telephone number.


Another benefit of Call Only Campaigns is Google’s tracking. Within Google Ads, you can see quickly and easily how many calls you have had through these Ads, even the length of those calls!

Now, Call Only Ads are not right for all businesses!

If you have an eCommerce business and the answers to all commonly asked questions are on your website, you may want to avoid these Campaigns.

If, however you are an emergency locksmith, you will definitely want to run these Campaigns!

Imagine the intent of someone locked out of their house, the kids are screaming for their dinner and in the oven is a casserole that has been slowly cooking for the past 5 hours… The last thing that person will want to do is browse a website, they want a professional to get them in their house NOW!

The same goes for an emergency plumber. If I have water pouring through my ceiling, I won’t be sat there researching five different plumbing companies, I’m calling the first one I see!

So, what if you are not in an ‘emergency’ related business? Well fear not, many businesses work successfully with Call Only Ads, you just need to test them.

We have added Call Only Campaigns to many of our clients from estate agents and security companies to electricians and cleaning companies.

They all perform brilliantly, many times the person previously managing the account just didn’t know or think to utilise them.

The important thing with Call Only Ads is to make the Ad Copy really clear, so when that person clicks, they know they will be making a call! That will pre-warn and prime that prospect for a conversation.

If your website is a bit behind the times and not ‘mobile friendly’ it’s likely you have mobile traffic turned off right now.

Whilst this is not a substitute to getting your website updated, it does give you a temporary workaround, to be able to target mobiles and understand the amount of potential traffic out there.

If the metrics show a high volume of searches from mobile, this should as an absolute minimum, spring you into action to get your website sorted and take advantage of it!

Have a think about your business and whether there is a situation your ideal prospects might find themselves in, where a phone call with a helpful, friendly professional would be the ideal solution.

If you do decide to test Call Only Ads, you can do so by applying any daily budget you wish. You can run it for a relatively short period of time and quickly determine whether it is the right type of Campaign for your account.

I rarely see advertisers utilising Call Only Ads properly. If you put a Call Only Campaign in place and create a nice, clear and compelling piece of Ad Copy, you will be head and shoulders above the majority of your competition.

As with anything in Google Ads, be sure to keep an eye on it, if it’s not working for your business, turn it off. If it is working, turn that baby up!

Also, remember to set your Ad Scheduling when putting Call Only Ads in place, don’t let them run 24hrs a day if there is no one there to answer the phones!

Matching your working hours is a good place to start and will give you the highest chance of converting those callers, at a moment when they are actively searching for the solution you provide.

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