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Let one of our friendly (UK based) Google Ads Experts show you what's really happening within your Google Ads account and discover:

  • Where to fine tune your Ad spend for greater lead-flow
  • What's wasting money & costing you customers
  • Which Keywords and Ads are holding you back and why
  • How to get more leads & customers, without spending more

We will carry out your Performance Review on a Zoom call, where we will dive into the different areas of your account on screen together, so you can see the data behind the changes we suggest, which are of course 100% tailored to your individual account.

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Feedback from our reviews:

The review was so helpful, Steve really knows his stuff and immediately pointed out where we were wasting money on ads that would never have worked! I only wish I'd done it sooner.

We had worked with other agencies but when the Pixal team looked at our account I could see how carelessly they had been in the set up - it had cost me 1000's!

Best hour I have ever spent. Before we did the Pixal Performance Review we had tried Google but could not get it to work - we thought it was not for us, then they changed everything...